Philippe Schwinger, Frédéric Moser
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Philippe Schwinger, Frédéric Moser
Frédéric Moser and Philippe Schwinger
Ce dont on sera dans l’avenir capable
Feb 8–Mar 26, 2011


The first solo exhibition in a Parisian institution by the Swiss artists duo, Ce dont on sera dans l’avenir capable accompanies the development of the project France, détours, initiated by Moser & Schwinger in 2009. The two artists "interrogate France" through stages to reflect on the question of "living together". The exhibition presents episode 1 completed in Toulouse in 2009 and serves as a basis for the creation of a stage of formulation around the simultaneous shooting of episode 2 in Pierrefitte, commissioned by Kadist Art Foundation and the production society L’âge d’or. A performance will be filmed before the exhibition and several choreographic meetings are planned with five performers interpreting different possible scenarii for objects, people and situations encountered in Pierrefitte. Other meetings with actors involved in the making of France, détours will constitute a metaphorical tribune imagined by the artists for the exhibition.

The films of Frédéric Moser and Philippe Schwinger question the present through political and social facts from recent history. To do so, they showcase the sources of contemporary reality in order to put them in the place of a conflicting discussion. For them, the construction of reality is related to the establishment of a space-to-speak.

The youth with diverse social backgrounds they present, does not entirely confirm the clichés the media and politicians try to create. Moser et Schwinger follow Jacques Rancière’s hypothesis which states that “the real must be fictionalised to be thought”. Each situation enables the questioning of fictitious elements associated with a specific reality, and each time, with the help of new mediators, this reality is approached in a new way. The two artists create a fieldwork investigation and collaborate with architects, sociologists, journalists or even historians in order to combine discourses and methodologies in their films.

The exhibition Ce dont on sera dans l’avenir capable and the shooting of France, détours episode two will take place simultaneously. The two artists have thus envisioned their exhibit as a tool for the development of episode two. To do so, they wished to adventure themselves into the choreographic field with the collaboration with five dancers chosen from CNDC (National center for contemporary dance) d’Angers’formation called ‘Essai’. The exhibition unfolds this performance work into three intertwined temporalities interrogating the potential of the past, present and future contained within the title Ce dont on sera dans l’avenir capable.

_ The exhibition thought by Moser et Schwinger underlines the choreographed work as a possibility, amongst others, to translate a process of conception. The first episode of the France, détours series, a diagram conceived by the artists will complete the exhibition, as a publication that will show the genesis of the invitation we issued to Moser et Schwinger.