Trona, 2008
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Trona, 2008
Tobias Zielony
Story / No Story
Jun 5–Jul 4, 2010


The Kunstverein Hamburg is presenting an exhibition of new works by Tobias Zielony (* 1973, lives in Berlin). The starting point of Zielony’s work is the Hamburg district of Wil-helmsburg, whose face has been shaped by its early history - such as the North Sea flood of 1962 – as well as by recent urban planning and social developments.

Zielony’s pictures document precisely these seemingly insignificant changes in public spaces and population structure. He is part of a new generation of photographers who mix classic a documentary approach with conceptual presentation. His work, which encompasses photogra-phy, film, text fragments, projections and installations, explores the tensions between social conformity and individual self-determination, and between social inclusion and exclusion. Zielony is particularly interested in the lives of young people on the margins of society, al-though instead of focussing on the circumstances in which they live, he looks at the way they present themselves and express a specific form of youth culture. Questions of open and latent violence are as present in these pictures as issues dealing with marginal political and social systems.

Source: Kunstverein Hamburg