Installation view
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Installation view
Tina Schulz
Speedy Wash #7: Revolving Door
Solo Exhibition (with Stephanie Kiwitt)
Feb 12–Mar 21, 2010


Opening Thursday 11.02 6pm

Address: Place Saint-Deni(j)splein 1190 Brussels

Chock-full as well as empty, hollowed-out spaces have one thing in common: as soon as one enters them, they give an impression of absence. They produce a kind of vacuum, making the viewer or visitor feel like an unsolicited guest – if not already an invisible one. Certain architectures can produce feelings like these, for example abandoned, misused and run-down architectures, or places which are temporary transshipment points of capital and goods. And as different as they may look: both have in common a proximity to chaos. Revolving Door, Tina Schulz and Stephanie Kiwitt's very first common project, revolves around a conception of such spaces; it touches them in passing, and leaves them again.