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abc booth
Tina Schulz
Oct 7–10, 2011


I am not what I see. And I don‘t see what I am either. To see something and to be someone are two different states. If this is so, can the visual arts then demonstrate who we are? Are they at all able to contribute to a construction of subjectivity when they cling to perception, and not action, when they fetishise passive contemplation?

For Tina Schulz the issue of self-awareness is a problem of standpoint and perspective: What do we see and where? What is our interior, what our exterior space? Do we move? What do we imagine? Where are we heading? Schulz explores divers models of representation and their potential to induce a degree of emancipation into the process of self-reflection - while at the same time aiming for a fundamental criticism of any representation of subjectivity.
In her oeuvre, Schulz sets up semantic arrangements made out of individual works and reflexive gestures. Sculpture, video, graphics and painting meet and interfere in such compositions, ever creating new triggers for the production of meaning. The insight that every statement is context-based is at the heart of her artistic practice.